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It’s not everyday that I bump into a dear friend online. But what’s more thrilling is that, once I do, I am greeted with such artistic charm and passion. This is what I see in these Baybayin calligraphic impressions intricately penned by alurij_.  Dig into it and admire the beauty of a culture embedded in each delicate stroke.

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Mini musing:  We read ingredients in the same way we read terms and conditions.


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As I was preparing for more exciting features for Lines of Lila, I tried out the Autodesk Sketchbook Flipbook and thought of making an animated teaser. It was fun! Watch the line breaker in action. Well…sort of. 😀


Mini musing: I think, therefore I need coffee.

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“Baybayin (out of the) Box”

This idea came out mainly due to the curiosity of some of my friends on the boxes they see in my comment boxes in forums and social networking sites. In this artwork, the Baybayin scripts are inside the box no more.

Featured font is Baybayin Brush Stylized by Christian Cabuay from Baybayin.com

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